<![CDATA[Bird in a Tree Creations - Blog]]>Mon, 11 Dec 2017 22:37:23 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[Progress/Process Pics]]>Tue, 21 Nov 2017 14:59:34 GMThttp://birdinatreecreations.com/blog/progressprocess-picsI wanted to share some progress pictures for one of my felted works. I didn't really plan on it so the pictures aren't the best. I normally take progress pics because I am always fascinated by the process of making wools into a picture. I am going to share them more often now because I think when people see a wool picture they don't really know or understand what really happens to get it to the finished state.

This is a painting I made awhile back and I thought it would be interesting to make it from wool. I didn't have these colors on hand so I choose a different palate to work from as well as changing some various aspects.

​First I started with the background or bottom layer. This is a short fiber merino batt.

Next, I added some colors that I wanted in the background, also a short fiber merino batt.

I then wet it all down with water so it's fairly flat then added on my fox and tree. These have been cut out of a merino prefelt. Merino prefelt is merino wool that has been partially felted. It gives you more control over shapes.

I then added some accents on the fox's face and wet it down some more.

The next part is where all the real work comes in! I add soap and warm water and start to rub and roll the wool. The warm water opens up the fibers and the agitation gets the wool to start interlocking forming a tight weave and cohesive piece. Sometimes this process can take hours, depending on your type of wool and size of your piece.

After all the rolling and rubbing is done I lay it out to dry. I then free motion machine embroider any details I would like on my cute fox. Below is my completed fox!

All finished! Now I just have to mat it. Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about this process and I look forward to making more progress/process posts!

<![CDATA[Inspiration]]>Mon, 09 Oct 2017 18:33:13 GMThttp://birdinatreecreations.com/blog/inspirationI haven't written in a bit, Lot's of goings on!
​So here is a little inspiration for you to get out into nature!

<![CDATA[New Year!]]>Wed, 18 Jan 2017 02:48:36 GMThttp://birdinatreecreations.com/blog/new-yearHappy 2017!!!
          I can't believe it is already halfway through the month of January! I have been working hard at reorganizing and finding better ways to manage my time. Time management is not one of my stronger suits, no matter what I do, I always seem to be racing towards a deadline. Once again I am making a concerted to try and stick with the blogging. I am starting small to see how well it works out. Every Wednesday I will do a "What's up Wednesday" Kind of a wrap up of what's going on in my life, thoughts and pictures of what is on my studio desk. I know I like to see process/progress pictures from other people.
           For Christmas my husband and girls surprised me with a camera. I would really like to start taking some more professional pictures of my work. After getting this wonderful gift, it made me think. I have always really loved taking photographs. I got my first camera, a Polaroid with the pictures that instantly pop out, when I was probably around 10 years old. Ever since then I have had a love affair with snapping shots. I have never really been a people photographer but have been more drawn to nature and unique perspective shots.

Here are a couple of my first shots from the new camera.

I have always been a point and shoot person and that was fine with me but now I find myself wanted to learn more and get better. I have a lot to learn if I want to take better pics of my art work!

​Until next time

<![CDATA[Change- One Thing You Can Always Count On]]>Wed, 04 May 2016 01:42:31 GMThttp://birdinatreecreations.com/blog/change-one-thing-you-can-always-count-onIt's that time again where I feel like everything needs a little lift, a change, a spark. My art is changing and evolving and I feel like my website needs to change with it, a bit of a face lift I suppose. While I do love and enjoy making my needle felted critters such as my gnomes, mushrooms, snowmen etc., I have been venturing more and more into wet felting larger wall pieces and am really enjoying it. Every time I feel like I am ready for a change I know I have to do it but at the same time I am overwhelmed at the process and the many options available. I don't have a web person to design and set up these things so... it's all me! I love my felting and making art but I'll have to say this part, not so much. Every minute I spend doing these things, I think about the felting I could be doing instead! lol I'm sure this is a problem a lot of my artist friends have as well! In the end when I have finished the design and am happy with it and hit that publish button I feel really good though! I feel like I have climbed a huge mountain that is full of pixel sizes, various parameters, spacing, organizing, reorganizing, cropping pictures, retaking pictures, deleting, banging my head on the keyboard.......well, you get the picture! I feel a great sense of accomplishment and feel good that I did it!

Long story short, my website will be under construction in the near future! In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of some things I have been working on.

p.s. I will still be making my cute little critters because they do bring me lots of joy but you can also look forward to many other new things!

Below is a piece that is not finished but in the works!
Until next time peeps, keep on keepin'on!
<![CDATA[In the Studio]]>Mon, 01 Feb 2016 17:40:25 GMThttp://birdinatreecreations.com/blog/in-the-studioI haven't posted in a bit for I have been quite busy. I know I should really stay on top of this blogging thing but I find it difficult for me to keep up. I do a lot of updating on my Instagram, so you can find me there often.
​Here are a couple of things I have been working on in the studio!
You can check out all of my creations in my Etsy Shop!
Until next time, 

<![CDATA[New Work and a Peek into My Process]]>Thu, 29 Oct 2015 15:45:40 GMThttp://birdinatreecreations.com/blog/new-work-and-a-peek-into-the-processI recently finished a wet felted piece. I made the subject matter a snake because right now is a big time of change for us. Lots of good changes as well as challenges. We shed our skin and keep on truckin'!
I was thinking that I show pictures of my finished products but perhaps people may be interested in the process and what actually goes into creating a piece such as this, so I am going to start making more posts showing my process.
This piece is significantly larger than my others (24"x20") so it requires a bit more prep. Most pieces I create on my kitchen counter but for this one I have to pull out my 6ft table and set it up in the kitchen! I have 5 hours to get it laid out and felted before I clean it up and pick up the kids from school.

Here are some pictures:
Begin laying out the base layer of merino wool and start on the design.
I wanted to go with an earthy patchwork look for this one.
After I finished laying out the merino and corriedale, I added some silks and wool nepps. Now it's time for the elbow grease. I cover the piece with a net type material then add hot water and soap and start rubbing over the surface. This opens up the fibers so they will begin interlocking to form a bond. I used to then roll the piece until I found this great tool called a Palm Washboard. It makes the job a whole lot easier. It's made by Robbin Firth and her husband at HeartFelt silks and you can find them HERE.
When everything is felted nice and tight, I rinse it out and put it on a rack to dry for 
24-48 hours.
I decided to add the snake and my water circles by stitching them on by hand. These were felted previously and dryed to be ready for sewing. This picture was taken in my car! I sew while waiting for the kids to get out of school!
This is the finished piece. There is also machine stitched designs as well. I painted a canvas black and stitched the piece onto the canvas with embroidery floss.
To the right is a close up of some nepps and stitching because I think it looks really cool! This piece easily took 24 hours to create from beginning to end and I really love every bit of the process.
So, there you go!!! This is what I do and how I do it! I will work on making more posts like this because I know I like reading into others process.
Until next time, keep truckin'!
<![CDATA[Magical Times and Bird Poop]]>Thu, 15 Oct 2015 15:07:49 GMThttp://birdinatreecreations.com/blog/magical-times-and-bird-poop
The other week I drove to downtown Ft. Pierce to make an art submission. I always take Indian river Drive because it is so beautiful with the water on one side and great houses on the other. That road is magical to me and reminds me of the infinite amount of possibilities around us at any given time.
Once I had turned in my submission I walked down to the water to take it in and thought, "How freaking awesome is this? I live here! I wish I could get paid to wander in nature everyday!"
While sitting on the bench, taking in the sights, sounds and smells, a bird pooped on my shoulder!

I thought to myself, well that's good luck, my piece will surely make it in the show!

Here are some shots I took that day.
Ultimately, my piece did not make it into that show this time around and that's ok. I have a road with infinite possibilities and I am open to all of them!

Until next time,
<![CDATA[Summer is Here!]]>Mon, 08 Jun 2015 15:00:31 GMThttp://birdinatreecreations.com/blog/summer-is-hereSchool has ended and summer has officially arrived! Willow will be going into 3rd grade and Wren into 2nd! They each had little ceremonies at school to celebrate.
Wren's birthday is June 9th, after school ends, so I surprised her at school with some cupcakes for the class!
Here they are on the last day of school.
What will we be doing this summer you ask? The answer is simple...no really, it's simple! Enjoying the little things.
Enjoying nature, sunrises and sunsets.
Chasing lizards and snakes.
Practicing guitar.
Meeting new friends.
Building forts and other fun stuff!
It is very true that the best things in life are free and we intend to fill our summer doing these things. I want my girls childhood memories to be filled with- remember that cool sunset? Remember that dragonfly we caught, named and released? Remember those picnics at the park and gathering cool sticks and rocks? This truly is the good life!
Until next time folks, seek out the little good things because they are actually big things!

Peace, Love and Light, 
<![CDATA[Exciting News]]>Mon, 04 May 2015 21:27:01 GMThttp://birdinatreecreations.com/blog/exciting-newsA little bit ago I announced that a piece of my artwork was going to be published but didn't give you all any details but now that I am comfortable that it is set in stone I will share!!! Just the act of making things is pretty fulfilling within itself but when your community recognizes your work, it's a pretty darn good feeling! On top of that, they asked me to write a little article to accompany my piece. Needless to say I am over the moon!! So, I will have a piece of artwork in the Summer edition of Stampington's Sew Somerset Magazine!

It is such a great honor and I am truly grateful. Things like this help assure me that I am on the right path.

Until next time, never give up on your dreams and consider each "No" as one step closer to "Yes"!

Peace, Love and Light- Kelly
<![CDATA[Nature Time!]]>Thu, 30 Apr 2015 14:59:41 GMThttp://birdinatreecreations.com/blog/nature-timeSometimes when my mind is overloaded and won't slow down (which is frequently lol) I like to take a little walk around the neighborhood checking things out and see what I can find. Here are some pics I took of things I thought were cool.
cool tree texture
I think this is called a Bottlebrush tree
More cool tree texture. Kinda looks like a heart in the middle.
A couple of weekends ago Richard, myself and our girls took a little trip to visit The Treasure Coast Wildlife Center. They help rescue and rehabilitate wildlife in our community as well as educate people on the wildlife in our area. I didn't take many pictures because we were just soaking it up. They have several birds and owls there that can't be released back into the wild so they keep them for education purposes. The little guys who are in serious rehabilitation are behind doors, they need privacy. If you have the chance it is definitely worth a visit and they are always looking for volunteers to help out.
Turtle dude
These guys were just hanging out and I thought they looked really cool in the tree
Until next time, keep your eyes open you never know what cool things you will find!

Peace Love and Light- Kelly